Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate poverty by helping the dynamic populations and existing organizations in Burkina Faso by providing long-term and sustainable solutions to the problem of inefficiency in the agro-pastoral, water and sanitation, education and health domains. 

Koom International is a Davis-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that consists of a network of friends who volunteer their time to promote awareness and education of agricultural, water supply, sanitation, renewable energy, social, medical and environmental issues in developing countries with Burkina Faso as its initial target.

Organization History

Join us for our Mission

Accessible Safe Drinking Water

We strive to increase easy access to safe, clean drinking water for all.

Promote Health & Education

We want to eliminate preventable deaths due to water borne diseases and poor hygiene practices.

Irrigation Water Infrastructure

We want to increase efficiency and ease of food production by bringing water directly to home gardens.

Increase Water Storage

As climate change and desertification diminishes the short rainy season, improved capacity for water storage will become increasingly important.

Increase Use of Renewable Energy

We want to take advantage of all the potential solar power has to offer in this desert climate. We aim to use this technology whenever possible in our projects.

Promote Long-term, Sustainable Solutions

With our sister organization on the ground, we work directly with the communities to ensure ongoing education and maintenance of project.


Our Team

Beniwende Kabre

Koom International is Ben's brainchild. This is his dream, and we're all along for the ride! Simply put, nothing Koom International accomplishes would have been possible without Ben's hard work and dedication. Click on Ben's name above for some more information about him!

Lou Ziskind

Lou brings to Koom International a lifetime of knowledge and experience in helping others and working with non-profits in a variety of sectors. Click Lou's name above to learn more about why Lou is an invaluable member of the Board!

Ramin Yazdani

Not only does Ramin run another successful non-profit, but he also has immese education and professional experience with engineering projects in developing nations, AND the passion needed to dedicate ALL of his free time to projects that help others in need. Click on Ramin's name to learn more!

Kara Stuart

Kara works in the water quality and agriculture fields (pun!) and has a passion for ensuring all people have access to safe drinking water and improving the lives of those in need. Click Kara's name above to learn a little more about her.

Rick Moore

Rick is a wealth of knowledge on water projects in Africa! Brings so much to the table when working on engineering projects in developing countries. Click on Rick's name to know more about him.

Herve Pare

Herve is an integral part of the Koom International Board. Herve is an expert in renewable energy, and has an intimate knowledge of the culture and language of Burkina Faso. Click on Herve's name above for more about him.

Koen Van Rompay

As busy as Koen is, he finds the time to attend all of our Board meetings, and we are so lucky to have him. Koen has vast experience working for and running non-profits that help communities in developing nations, particularly in India.

Volunteers 2013-Present

  • Kevin Whiteford
    The best attorney around! Kevin was instrumental to getting Koom International up and running, and best of all, legal!
  • Aaron Wedra
    Aaron is the superstar graphic artist that created Koom International’s logo! For all of your future design needs, consider Smartz Graphic Artz by contacting Aaron (phone 530-574-7306, e-mail smartzgraphics@yahoo.com
  • Become a Volunteer